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As we come to the close of this challenging year, we want to thank you, our generous donors, for your faith in us and your support of our mission to advance the quality, sustainability and professionalism of the ready mixed concrete industry, even in these uncertain times. With your leadership and donations, we have been able to fund research and education programs to advance our industry and develop our workforce. Thank you for the difference you are making in our industry, our communities, and our world through your support of the RMC Research & Education Foundation. We wish you and your families a joyous holiday season.

Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Program Reaches Milestone, Expands, Auction Rescheduled
This year marks the 20th anniversary since the first CIM students graduated from the original program at Middle Tennessee State University while also seeing the program expand to the upper Midwest. The pandemic has also pushed back the annual auction by six months.

Original graduates reflect on the CIM Program: As 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the very first CIM graduating class, Terry Hughes and Lee Thrasher shared some thoughts on the program and their careers. Said Terry, “The education I received in the CIM program, the experience I gained, and the relationships I formed during my time in the concrete industry have been invaluable in my career. The program provided an exceptional balance of technical expertise and broad business skills that have enabled me to perform in various highly competitive environments. Of the credentials I have been fortunate enough to achieve, my CIM degree is often a key differentiator and what garners significant interest from others. I consider it a privilege to have been part of the first graduating class.” Lee is also a proud CIM grad, noting “Our journey as the first class in the CIM program was so different than what is present today with the growth and expansion of the program. It’s so exciting to look at the program today and compare it to that original outlook and see that so many early goals and dreams have been realized through hard work, dedication, and leadership from some of the best people in the industry. That’s the lasting lesson from going through the program for me. The Concrete Industry is a widely diverse, incredibly important aspect of our global building community that requires good people, hard work, and dedication to improvement in order for the industry to advance. The MTSU CIM Program has been, and will continue to be, a great incubator for those strong individuals; providing them the knowledge, skills, and abilities to take their hard work and positively change our industry. I’m very thankful to be a part of that effort in some small way because of the blessing to have earned my degree from the CIM program at MTSU.”

CIM Program Expands to South Dakota State University: This fall, the Concrete Industry Management Program announced an expansion to South Dakota State University (SDSU). Said Thor Becken, Chairman of the North Central Region Patrons group, “SDSU was chosen for a variety of reasons, including its strong commitment to the program from all levels of their administration; prior experience with PPP’s; outstanding laboratory and classroom facilities; favorable tuition rates and strong support from South Dakota government agencies, private firms and SDSU alumni,” adding “Having a fine university like SDSU with a CIM program will be a great addition to our regional concrete industry.” It is anticipated that the full program will be launched the fall of 2022.

CIM Auction, World of Concrete Moved to June: Given the ongoing uncertainty regarding COVID-19, both World of Concrete (WOC) and the CIM Auction have both been moved to June. WOC will now take place in Las Vegas June 7-10, 2021, with the CIM Auction now planned for Wednesday, June 9th. For more information, including how to donate, please visit the CIM Auction page.

MIT CSHub Work Continues
The work at the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSHub) continues unabated! The researchers held several webinar sessions this year and release research briefs, all of which may be found from the CSHub website. Meetings have also continued to take place with officials at state DOTs, specifically regarding the CSHub’s work on competition and asset management. Resilience continues to be a main focus with buildings research with embodied carbon work added this year as another area of emphasis. Be sure to check the CSHub website regularly and Andrew Logan to receive the monthly CSHub newsletter if you are not already on their distribution list.
CSHub Work Provides Data for Important Industry Initiatives: The CSHub’s pavements research and modeling have been vital to supporting NRMCA's Pave Ahead initiative and the efforts of the American Concrete Pavement Association. Their buildings research and modeling are providing important information to advance NRMCA's Build With Strength program and with embodied carbon taking on a greater emphasis, the efforts of the Portland Cement Association on that critical industry challenge.
Additional 2020 RMC Research & Education Foundation Highlights:
Coming Down the Pike:
  • Physical and Chemical Factors Controlling pH and Alkalinity of Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) Leachate;
  • Development of a Concrete Strength Model to Optimize Concrete Mixtures;
  • Improving Specifications to Resist Frost Damage in Modern Concrete Mixtures;
  • Improving Concrete Durability;
  • Simple and Non-Destructive Evaluation Method to Achieve High-Quality Pervious Concrete Pavement Installations;
  • Thermal Performance Comparison Between ICF and Wood/Steel Frame Assemblies for Both Heating and Cooling; and
  • Minimum Design Requirements for Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Wall Systems.
CARES Act Included Provision to Boost Non-Profits
The CARES Act included a provision for 2020 where up to $250 donated to a 501(c)3 organization, such as the RMC Research & Education Foundation, is tax deductible even if you choose to take the Standard Deduction rather than itemizing your deductions. You can find a variety of ways to support the Foundation right from our homepage.
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